Market feedback from our clients pointed to the need for an internet based merchandising site for our Dealers. A simple yet effective Online Antique Dealers’ Flea Market where designers, merchants and shoppers could gather and preview a whole list of merchandise offered for sale, in a quickly accessible format. A site organized with simple logic for easy viewing of the merchandise, details and price, regardless of how many items the merchant displayed. A site for shoppers who have no time to waste searching crowded an complicated web displays. Now we have started this site and named it We’re happy to say the site has generated a lot of interest, it is enjoying a good beginning still in its early stages, and is getting a good reception from the Dealers. We believe will become a powerful merchandising tool for our Dealers and newcomers.

The combined design interests and love of antiques, furniture, art, magazines and all things connected, has prompted us to create and now its companion merchandising site