Modern Design for the Elegant Home

We are Desegno III, a group funded by three designers making up the nucleus responsible for creating The three designers are Dot Dimiero, and her daughter Dana Aichler – known for "Twenty Six Twenty" an antique shop and design studio for imported European antiques in Houston, Texas. The two women are recognized in interior design circles for their elegant taste simply known as Dot & Dana. Their store is well known by the interior design literati and is regularly shopped by top decorators, celebrities, and discriminating people alike. The third member of the group is Alexander Molinello, a graphic communications designer and publisher. A creative concepts man, Alexander has generated print and video projects for several Fortune 100 corporations. An award-winner for several advertising campaigns, Alexander is the holder of numerous industry awards, including the coveted Ozzie Gold Award for publishing excellence. It’s important to note that most of the group’s adult life has been spent in a variety of design disciplines. You may read more about Dot & Dana’s story and Alexander’s background here: under the “About Us” link, and other biographical sites on the web.

The first of Antique Shops & Designers ( was published in the Fall of 2007. Antique Shops & Designers magazine is a world-class interior design publication dedicated to antique shops, contemporary designers and interior decorators. The magazine is a visual reference book for interior deocators, designers and sophisticated home makers.

In 2007, under the label Disegno III, the trio created the imprimatur “Antiques Shops and Designers” magazine. Published bi-annually, the magazine has enjoyed a great reception in the marketplace, and has provided the platform for creating a marketing venue for antique dealers and designers. After a couple of volumes of the magazine the market feedback from our clients pointed to the need for an internet based merchandising site for our Dealers. A simple yet effective Online Antique Dealers’ Flea Market where designers, merchants and shoppers could gather and preview a whole list of merchandise offered for sale, in a quick access format. A site organized with simple logic for easy viewing of the merchandise, details and price, regardless of how many items the merchant displayed. A site for shoppers who have no time to waste searching crowded and complicated web displays. Now we have designed this site and named it We’re happy to say the site has generated a lot of interest, and still in its early stages is getting a good reception from our Dealers. As we build and promote the site, we believe will become a powerful merchandising tool for our merchants.

The combined design interests and love of antiques, furniture, art, magazines and all things connected, has prompted us to create the magazine, and now its online companion merchandising site

We hope you’ll enjoy the magazine’s print version and its fully printable and mailable modern reader site and come back regularly to shop and see what’s new in Antique Shops & Designers and and our ever changing, evolving websites. Look for new videos and keep an eye on the blogs.

Thank you for reading about us.

Dot & Dana and Alexander